Endless playlist

Here I am again.

An endless random music on my playlist.

It’s friday and it’s that kind of day again that I’m just tired.

A mother of three. Working tirelessly. Non stop bickering with the husband.

Will there be any change at all? I love my kids, yes! The husband? I’m not sure what we call ourselves now. It’s just non stop bickering, I don’t know if I will be ever happy again.

I’m not tired with the kids, I’m tired of the non stop fighting and  bickering. If I choose to be silent, it will be a hard fight trying to keep my mouth shut. He is very persistent and very annoying!!


Broken + Healing + Broken + Healing

An endless cycle of being broken and healing.




This is taking it’s toll on me. Literally and figuratively.


This has to STOP.



Something has to HAPPEN.



I can’t keep breaking then try to heal again.


It fucking HURTS!

Goblin the lonely and great God


I have to say this is a very good korean drama, when I say good it means it’s really good.

The relationship of Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin in this series is a very heart warming depiction of what true love is, regardless of the age they know the longing for each other. They have very good chemistry and that I feel that they poured all their skills in this series because every episode of their series makes me laugh, cry, angry and so on. Emotions are there which makes it more effective to the audience, I really like the scenery and the cinematography, it showed that this series is very well thought. HANDS DOWN! 🙂 The songs are to die for as well, I am now listening to stay with me by chanyeol 😀

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin’s friendship is what we call BROMANCE they are so cute to watch. I really love how they goof around and be serious at the same time, their acting skills OMG, i love it!

Wang Yeo and Kim Sun, a tragic love story which ended up happy. A king turned grim reaper for taking his own life, life filled with resent/hate/confusion because of jealousy and mind manipulation of Park Joong Yoon. I love how they ended up in the next life as a real couple 🙂

This is a highly recommended koreanovela! two thumbs up!


❤ Gong Yoo, you are a brilliant timeless actor. Versatile and handsosme! Saranghe


love for gong yoo